Ranex Rustbuster

Bondall’s Ranex Rustbuster is designed for the following purposes:

  • Rust Conversion
  • Surface Rust/ Tarnishing
  • Stain Remover/ Cleaner

Sizes available:

500ml, 1L, and 4L.


Rust Conversion

  • Remove oil, grease, paint and loose scale.
  • Apply Ranex & allow to dry completely in order to penetrate deep rust & to leave surface in a suitable condition for painting with an oil based primer. As Ranex chemically destroys rust it is not necessary to use rust inhibiting paints. Zinc rich paints are not recommended.
  • Apply Ranex to the rust effected areas only, wipe off any excess on surrounding metal or paintwork with a damp cloth.
  • Note: Ranex Rustbuster will convert the rust however it will not prevent it from re-occuring. Treated surfaces left uncoated may experience further rusting.

Surface Rust and Tarnish Removal

  • Apply Ranex with a damp cloth, sponge or fine steel wool. Wipe off promptly & polish with a dry cloth – this application is ideal for restoring tools, chrome, stainless steel, brass, copper, bikes etc.
  • To soak rusty parts, leave for a few minutes & then check untill satisfactory. Wipe or wash off on completion.

Stain Remover & Cleaner

  • Apply Ranex, allow a few minutes to work & then wipe or hose off – do not allow to dry.
  • Deep seated stains may need further applications & aggitation with a brush or light scourer. spot testing recommended on paintwork & tinted gel-coat.

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