Acid Cleaning ConcreteAcid Cleaning Concrete: Saturate the concrete area to be treated with water but do not allow to pond on the surface.

For lightly affected areas apply diluted Bondall Efflorescence Stain Remover 1:1 with water and work in with a stiff brush. Allow to stand for 2-5 minutes before washing down thoroughly with water. Do not allow this product to dry fully on the surface before washing down.

On badly affected areas you can apply Bondall Efflorescence Stain Remover undiluted. However, a second application may be required with a diluted solution of Bondall Efflorescence Stain Remover 1:1 with water.

Acid Cleaning Concrete Precautions

Please be aware that some oxide-coloured concrete may be affected with neat application. When applying near lawns and gardens, be careful not to splash onto plants. Do not allow this product to splash onto aluminium or metal surfaces. Should this happen, immediately flood the area with water to neutralise Efflorescence Stain Remover.

Ensure adequate ventilation during use.

On vertical brick surfaces, try to avoid contact with mortar joints. It is important to saturate these joints with water. Thoroughly rinse the surface after application.

Apply Bondall Efflorescence Stain Remover in manageable sections i.e. 1m² at a time.

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